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For all media enquiries, please contact Charlotte Jackson. Airtopia is available for expert comment on the science behind indoor air quality.

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Our colleague Mark Reidy, of Matilda’s Planet has a great interview out in #theLimerickLeader. Matilda’s Blanket is a unique internal wall solution which dramatically improves #energyefficiency, #insulation and #airquality. Clever stuff!
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Excellent episode of #GrandDesigns on #Channel4 this evening - focused on creating a healthy home with great #indoorairquality 🏡

You know that earthy smell after it’s been raining in the summer? Part of that is caused by bacterial spores - the same that leave a musty scent in your home, if you have actively growing mould... book an #airtopia test to find out more about your #indoorairquality 🌧🏡

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